Fujifilm X-E3 – A Compact, Very Capable, and Pretty Handsome Camera

My first Fujifilm X camera was X100F. For a whole year, I was carrying it everywhere. I absolutely loved the images I was getting with it. The built-in 23mm F2 lens gave me the necessary limitations so I can concentrate on my photography. Still, as time was moving on, I felt that more often than not, I found myself cropping into the images quite a lot. After a year with the X100F, the 23mm lens became either not wide enough or wasn’t providing me with enough reach.

Obviously, I wanted more options. I tried 16mm F1.4 and 35mm F2 on my X-T3, but changing lenses was too much of a hassle and the camera was too big for my long everyday street photography walks. Something had to be done with it. I needed a compact size of the X100F with the ability to change the lenses.

Enter the Fujifilm X-E3. Sizewise it is almost the same as X100F. The viewfinder is positioned in the same location as X100F, and in hands, they feel very similar. Technically speaking, X-E3 is the same camera, but without the optical viewfinder and with interchangeable lenses. It has the same sensor, the same film presets and the button layout is very similar. X-E3 does not have a dedicated ISO ring, which can be assigned to the Fn button.

When it comes to Fujifilm, no matter if you choose X-T3, X-T30, or X-E3, at the end of the day you get the same built and image quality. X-E3 does not have weather sealing, but it still has a sturdy, high-quality body. Nothing about it feels cheap or amateurish.

I bought it as a kit with a gorgeous XF 18-55mm kit lens. Since I’ve already had used X-T3 and X100F I did not have to spend any time getting used to the camera. As I said, with a wide array of X line cameras you get a very similar experience. In short, I love my new X-E3. It is a compact, very capable, and pretty handsome camera for everyday and professional use.

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