Fujifilm X-T3 – a Noticeable Upgrade in X-T line

I’ve been playing around with my Fujifilm X100F as my walkaround camera for a year, and my main workhorse Sony A7S2 was spending more and more time on a shelf, being pulled out only for paid videography gigs.

The thing with Sony is that you have to spend time color grading its footage more often than not. Buying X-T2 was starting to get tempting since I knew that it is possible to shoot video on X-T2 using beautiful Fujifilm film simulations. Still, I wasn’t completely convinced that switching A7S2 for X-T2 would benefit me on anything more than just faster project turnaround times. Neither was the newly announced X-H1, but I must admit that the new Eterna film simulation caught my attention.

Then came the X-T3; as soon as I heard the magical words “4K 60 frames per second,” my A7S2 was sold the very next day. It is very useful to crop in the video for additional reach without losing much quality. And if you can shoot slow-motion AND 4K, that is a huge step up in my book! If I’m zoomed in at 55mm, I can crop in post much closer.

Now that I had X-T3, I could also shoot pictures in the beautiful Eterna film simulation. After a year of shooting with X100F only, with its built-in 23mm lens, the ability to switch lenses felt, might I say, underappreciated to me)))

If you’ve used the X-T2, visually, there will be no major surprises with the X-T3. They are very similar, with some considerable technical upgrades in X-T3. The sensor, EVF, and LCD have higher resolution. It is faster, quieter, and more efficient. For me, the biggest difference is in the video functions. Although X-T2 can be considered one of the best cameras of the last decade, X-T3 has found the perfect balance in photo AND video, thus becoming the best hybrid camera. It will satisfy both the photographers and videographers.

As an avid film enthusiast, I really love the analog feel of the X-T3’s dials. They are also very convenient to change shutter speed, aperture, and ISO fast and easy. So, no matter if you are a photographer or videographer, X-T3 is a noticeable upgrade in the X-T line.